Department of Medicine

Public and Patient Involvement


As well as seeking input from doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and managers on its research projects, the National Centre for Infection Prevention and Management (CIPM) also actively involves the public/patient body.  Some projects may have just one representative whilst others may involve large groups.  These people provide valuable input from the view of the patient and play a key role in the design and implementation of CIPM's research.

CIPM also has a Lay Representative, Ms Fran Husson, on its Strategy Board to bring a public/patient perspective to the business of the Centre and advise on the strategic direction of CIPM from this viewpoint.

These pages aim to give the public more information on the work that CIPM does, news stories that may be of interest and links to further information.  Please do contact us with your feedback at

CIPM's work

Here you can find more information on the work CIPM does, how patients/the public were involved and what end benefit to patients we'd hope to see from our research.  (Coming soon...)

PPI in the News

Here you will find articles on Public/Patient Involvement (PPI) in the news highlighting the importance of PPI, some of the challenges faced and other relevant reports.

Useful Links

Here you can find a wealth of further information including guidelines for involvement of the public/patient body, how to become involved and what you might expect to experience by taking part.

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