Faculty of Medicine

6 year MBBS BSc Medicine at Imperial College London

Course benefits

Students in a practical class

Quality of Education: the course is delivered through traditional and innovative methods of teaching.

Patient contact: you will have direct contact with patients from the first term.

Double Qualification: students will gain both a BSc and MBBS by completing the six-year degree programme.

Research: you will have the opportunity to develop skills in research techniques and methodology through a supervised research project.


Course structure

Clinical skills laboratory, undergraduate medical students

Years 1 and 2: focus on three core elements: the scientific basis of medicine; doctor and patient; and clinical experience.

Year 3: three 10-week clinical attachments with a programme of live lectures and e-learning and a programme introducing clinical specialties.

Year 4: working towards the BSc - undertaking a series of modules and a supervised research project or a specialist course giving you an opportunity to delve deeply into a subject that catches your interest.

Year 5: a dedicated pathology course followed by six clinical specialities.

Year 6: a range of clinical attachments and lecture courses designed to prepare you for your first job as a doctor, specialised study modules and private study periods.

Key facts

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Student's view

What is it like to study Medicine at Imperial? See a week in a medical student's life.

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6 year MBBS/BSc Medicine

For full details about this degree programme see:


6 year MBBS/BSc Medicine

 Entry requirements

 How to apply

4 year graduate entry medicine

Already have at least a 2:1 in an appropriate science degree? Pursue the MBBS through the Graduate Entry programme