Faculty of Medicine

Faculty Office - Central Faculty

The staff in the Faculty Office support the Dean and Faculty Operating Officer by providing central administrative functions.

Nigel Buck (Faculty Operating Officer) is supported by Wendy Gould (Deputy Faculty Operating Officer).

The work of the Faculty Office divides broadly into the following areas:

Faculty Building

The Faculty office is based in the Faculty Building, South Kensington

Faculty Operations Team

Contact Paula for enquiries regarding

  • Committees: Dean's Advisory group and Faculty Board
  • Governance Issues

Contact Rosie for enquiries regarding

  • Committees: Cabinet
  • General issues relating to organisational planning within Faculty of Medicine or the Academic Planning round.

Contact Desmond with queries about the Faculty website, including:

  • News and events items for the Faculty homepage
  • Web page enquiries and web page/site reviews and updates
  • Assigning rights to edit pages on the Faculty website
  • Receiving training on how to edit your pages on the Faculty website
  • Questions about updating your personal page and adding publications
  • IT committee

If you are having problems editing your personal page, please read the guidance notes and FAQs to see if they can answer your question first - you will be asked to login to see this page.


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Central Faculty Finance

Contact Richard for financial queries not covered in lists below.

NB: Queries relating to central college finance functions such as payroll, purchase ordering and invoicing (except those relating to central Faculty accounts) should be directed to the relevant Divisional Finance contact. However, anyone in the Finance team can advise on who this contact would be. 

In addition, contact Richard directly regarding:

  • Dean's Group new and replacement post approvals
  • Committees: The Finance committee

Management Accounting

NHS Recharges

For any NHS Recharge enquiries please contact:

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Research Strategy Team

Contact Kim for queries regarding:

  • Committees:
    - AHSC Research Committee
    - Imperial College London- North West London NHS Trusts Research Liaison Committee
  • Collation and dissemination of research opportunities and achievements

Please note: Enquiries relating to individual research accounts should be directed to the Faculty of Medicine Research Support Services

Enquiries relating to postgraduate research should be made via the Graduate School.

Research Services

Contact information for the Joint Research Office can be found at the Faculty of Medicine Research Support Services page.

Corporate Partnerships and Enterprise Team

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Central Faculty HR

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Faculty office

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Office contact address

Faculty of Medicine Office
Level 2, Faculty Building
South Kensington Campus
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ


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