National Heart & Lung Institute (NHLI)

Cartoid Atherosclerosis

Professor Carlo di Mario, Principal Investigator

Research areas include:

New drug eluting stents: comparison of sirolimus eluting and paclitaxel eluting stents, safety and efficacy of a new tacrolimus eluting (JANUS) and paclitaxel eluting stent with a biodegradable polymer (COSTAR) in the setting of multicentre controlled randomized trials.



Biodegradable stents: Metal (magnesium) alloy stents to prevent recoil and seal dissections with full degradation after 8 weeks solving the problem of side branch access, late malapposition (UK Principal Investigator, protocol under evaluation MHRA)


Pharmacodynamics of the delivery (iv and ic) of Apolipoprotein A1 Milan in a rabbit model of cartoid atherosclerosis, in cooperation with Pfizer, performed in the Institute of Pharmacology, Milan University.



Correlation of enzymatic release and volume of late Gadolinium enhancement in patients with non-ST elevation myocardial infarction: prevention of further embolisation using a proximal occlusion balloon: a serial study with cardial magnetic resonance (protocol in development in cooperation with Proxis, Minneapolis).




CARESS in AMI: randomized trial of facilitated PTCA vs. thrombolysis and rescue PTCA in patients admitted to hospitals without PTCA facilities, Study Chairman, Sponsors: Lilly and Biotronik.  Data management and statistical analysis provided by the Clinical Trial Unit of the Royal Brompton Hospital.


Intravascular ultrasound guidance of the implantation of paclitaxel eluting stents for ostial stenosis (sponsored by CRC Dec 2004), submitted RB&H LEC Feb 16 2005).



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