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The Clinical Sciences Centre (CSC) is based on the Hammersmith campus of Imperial College London. It was established initially in 1994 by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to provide a focus of strength in basic science in a clinical environment with the aims of, firstly, undertaking high quality basic science underpinning our understanding of human disease and, secondly, providing the core competencies required to facilitate the translation of this understanding into improved diagnosis and treatment.

The CSC became the third directly-funded MRC Institute in 1998 and forms part of the Institute of Clinical Sciences. The present Director, Professor Amanda Fisher, was appointed in August 2008.


Epigenetics Sm
  • This section studies epigenetically regulated processes in the cell, with an emphasis on stem cell development and its consequences on gene regulation, DNA replication, cell cycle control and chromosome organisation.

Integrative Biology

  • Established in April 2012, this section studies biological complexity in the areas of systems biology, epigenetics, cancer, development and metabolism. Employing computational and experimental approaches, we integrate multi-level data including genetic, epigenetic, expression, proteomic and imaging information in model systems and humans.

Genes & Metabolism

  • This section aims to understand the molecular and cellular basis of a variety of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders and apply this understanding to improved healthcare. The groups use a combination of approaches, including biochemical, genomic, physiological and imaging techniques.
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