Department of Medicine

Diagnostic Haematology and Morphology

Professor Bain's research interests are

  1. diagnosis and classification of haematological neoplasms, including integration of cytogenetics and molecular genetics into schemes of classification
  2. eosinophilic leukaemia
  3. ethnic and other biological differences in haematological variables.

She contributed to the 2001 and 2008 revisions of the WHO classification of tumours of the haematopoietic and lymphoid systems. She has a major interest in teaching, both undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as in the development of teaching resources, particularly electronic teaching resources. She has developed and organises teaching courses for haematologists, haematology trainees, haematopathologists, medical laboratory scientists and cytogeneticists and is co-convenor of the Imperial college BSc in Haematology.

She chairs the Imperial College Haematology Teaching Committee and, with colleagues, introduced peer review of haematology teaching. She is the sole author of six haematology text books and joint author of another three.

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