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Applications for 2016-17 will open on 27 November 2015.  Please visit this page again then. 

3.5 or 4.5 Year MRC funded PhD Studentships

Imperial College London is offering up to 12 fully funded MRC PhD studentships to start in 2015-16.  As part of this support, funding is provided at the end of three years for a six-month writing-up period.  In this call, as well as the main research areas mentioned below, we would welcome applications from students with research interests in Bioengineering, Nanotechnology and Neurotechnology.

  • Application deadline 24 November 2014
  • Notification of application outcome by 23 January 2015 
PhD student analysing a blood sample


Applications are now closed for the October 2015 intake. 

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the studentships or the application process please check the MRC Studentships Frequently Asked Questions page in the first instance. For any other queries, please email Mrs Nousheen Tariq at n.tariq@imperial.ac.uk.

Imperial MRC DTP Research Studentships enable graduates with excellent honours degrees to undertake a 3.5 or 4.5 year training programme, that includes a research project plus training in research methods and transferable key skills, leading to the submission of a doctoral thesis and the award of a PhD.


4.5 Year MRC DTP Studentship

In the case of a 4.5 year studentship, the award may be linked to a Masters (MSc or MRes) studentship. The Masters course will be taken in the first year of the 4.5 year award, and should be in a discipline relevant to the PhD project.

Successful applicants can choose from a selection of MSc/MRes courses, examples of which can be found in the Postgraduate Prospectus or at the following links.

Upon passing the Masters programme, students can subsequently enrol in a PhD project.  Guidance on selecting research projects and supervisors is provided to the successful candidates.

3.5 Year MRC DTP Studentship

In the case of the 3.5 year studentship, applicants who already hold, or expect to receive, a relevant Masters degree before they start their studentship may be exempt from year one of the programme and begin their PhD in the first year. Guidance on selecting research projects and supervisors is provided to the successful candidates.

The MRC DTP Studentships programme is lead by Dr Laki Buluwela.

Research and Achievements

MRC Studentships at Imperial College are awarded to high calibre researchers who go on to conduct important research and gain recognition worldwide.  Research at Imperial is enabled by our world-class expertise and takes place in departments rated 5 and 5* in the last RAE. Research projects fall within the College's research themes, and for this programme, in the areas as listed below. 

  • Genomic Medicine (GM)
  • Infection, Immunity and Immunology (I&I)
  • Stratified Medicine (SM)
  • Population Health (PH)

PhD studies undertaken as part of this program, in the last two rounds, include:

  • Optogenetic disruption of climbing fibre input to cerebellar cortex (SM) 
  • Phylodynamic analysis of the transmission and evolution of poliovirus and other rna viruses (I&I)
  • Genetics and epidemiology of schistosomiasis (PH/GM)
  • Structure vs. function in the human brain (SM)
  • Natural Variation of Epstein Barr Virus (I&I/GM)
  • Investigating androgen and growth factor interaction in preantral follicle development (GM)
  • Development of New Biomaterials for Biosensing (GM/SM)
  • Non-Communicable Disease In Resource Poor Settings (PH)

Read about the research and achievements of current and past Imperial MRC Studentship recipients.

For further information about MRC research training and careers, please visit the MRC website, where you can learn more about MRC studentships, news and events for students.

MRC studentship recipients currently in their PhD phase are also eligible for the annual Max Perutz Science Writing Award which aims to bring a researcher's work to a much wider audience.  Please visit the MRC website to find out more about the Max Perutz Award.  Entries usually open at the beginning of May each year.  Read about Imperial's Scott Armstrong, winner of the first prize in the 2013 competition.


Please ensure you read our eligibility criteria before making an application. Exceptions cannot be made to these criteria so please check them carefully.

Also, please note that Imperial MRC DTP awards cannot be held in the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, which is an MRC unit within Imperial College London, and runs its own PhD program.

2015-2016 Award


British nationality applicants are eligible for both the cost of tuition fees and a yearly stipend currently at £17,500 per annum over the course of the PhD programme, and the MRC standard rate for the masters year (currently £15,863).  There is also a conference allowance available, of £300 per annum for the duration of the PhD studentship.

EU nationality applicants who meet the relevant eligibility criteria are eligible for the same financial award as British nationality applicants.

Supervisors of studentship recipients in the PhD phase will receive £5,000 per annum to assist them in providing sufficient resources through the student's PhD, e.g. lab consumables, IT resources.


Please see the How to Apply section.  Deadline for receipt of applications is 23:59 on 24 November 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the MRC DTP Studentships, please see the MRC Studentships Frequently Asked Questions page.

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