School of Public Health

Health Disparities

We investigate mortality, disease burden, and risk factor exposures in population subgroups, based on individual and community characteristics.

We have documented disparities in child mortality and in exposure to environmental and nutritional risk factors for child mortality, by socioeconomic status in different countries and regions and across municipios in Mexico . We have shown that environmental and nutritional interventions related to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) can deliver significantly larger health benefits if they reach the poor than better off households who nonetheless are in need of intervention.

We documented one the longest periods of decline and stagnation in life expectancy in United States counties, leading to disparities in life expectancy that are enormous by international standards. We also identified the Eight Americas, subgroups of the US population based on race and location and socioeconomic characteristics of county residence, as parsimonious groups that capture most of the differentials in life expectancy. We demonstrated that a significant part of these disparities, especially those related to cardiovascular diseases, are related to disparities to exposure to risk factors with known intervention.

Work on subnational patterns of mortality, disease incidence, and risk factor exposure in the UK has recently begun in collaboration with the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU).


Publications (complete list on publications page)

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