School of Public Health

Genomics of Common Disease

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The Department of Genomics of Common Disease comprises a group of scientists studying the genetics of human multifactorial diseases, particularly type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Major research goals:

  • To identify rare and frequent genetic variants that influence risk of common diseases, or related quantitative phenotypes.
  • To determine the cellular and physiological functions of susceptibility genes in the normal and pathological states, including the nature of their interactions with other susceptibility genes and environmental factors.
  • To develop novel technological and analytic approaches for investigation of genetic factors influencing human diseases

Ultimately, our research aims are to advance our understanding of the patho-physiological mechanisms that underlie the development of these diseases. This will lay the foundation for personalised medicine, leading to:

  1. improved medical treatment for patients
  2. targeted lifestyle or pharmaceutical preventative strategies for high-risk individuals.


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