School of Public Health

Collaborative Projects

We always welcome new partners. If you are interested in establishing a link with our WHO Collaborating Centre please contact us.

We have co-operated with numerous insitutions over the years. Here are a few highlights:

WHO Collaborative work

  • Advising to the Ministry of Health in Qatar in ongoing projects to modernise the public health department and its policies.
  • Working with the Ministry of Health in Iran to improve urban primary care facilities.
  • Introducing Dr Shirley Leung, Principal Medical Officer, Family Health Service, China, and a delegation from the Hong Kong Department of Health, to the UK health system.
  • Research in the South Pacific in conjunction with Oceania University, Samoa.
  • Primary care projects in Iraq.
  • The Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Project (IPSM).
  • Undertaking a review of Public Health Law in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Advising WHO on primary care and occupational health.
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