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Course director:
Professor Salman Rawaf

Course co-ordinator: Marion Chaix


Global Training Programme for Treating Tobacco Dependence

In May 2009, at the request of the office of the Assistant Director General for NCD Control and Mental Health at WHO Geneva, we were commissioned to prepare global training programmes and materials for treating tobacco dependence.  

Following a full-day meeting in Geneva in July 2009, two publications, the Treatment for Tobacco Dependence Trainee’s Workbook and Trainer’s Manual were agreed.

These are currently under preparation by Dr Lisa McNally, Lisa Andrews, Elizabeth Dubois and Professor Salman Rawaf. The Collaborating Centre will run training programmes as part of this initiative, particularly in the six pilot countries indentified by the WHO across the six Regional Offices.

Master Class in Public Health Legislation Development in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Health legislation is a key weapon in the fight against disease and ill-health across the world.

It is easy to theorise about public health law. Many courses in public health law are not delivered by people with experience in getting laws drafted and passed in a range of countries. Our course is different. Here at the WHOCC, we have rolled up our sleeves and actually developed legislation and policy in a range of countries and regions. We have considerable relevant experience in the Middle East in particular.  This course is based on that experience.

2012-13 date and location to be confirmed.

Research Methods

We are currently developing a new course in research methods. Our aim is to improve research capacity in the Middle East. This course is based on recent research by the centre, due to be published in 2012.

2012-13 date and location to be confirmed.

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