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  • Department of Medicine at Imperial College London

The Department of Medicine is one of the largest teaching and research organisations in the UK, with a reputation for excellence and a vibrant and international working community. The department has a grant income of over £60m.

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Professor Martin Wilkins, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Head of the Division of Experimental Medicine, is the interim Head of Department of Medicine. Professor Wilkins is a clinician scientist with a background in clinical pharmacology and toxicology. His primary interest is in proof-of-concept studies in humans.  He uses pulmonary hypertension as a paradigm for developing novel therapies from the laboratory to patients. He has recently stepped down from his role a director of a major clinical program group in the Trust. He is the Director of the National Institute for Health Research/Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility [formerly the Sir John McMichael Centre] and  Director of the Wellcome Trust’s Translational Medicine Fellowship Training Programme.  He is President of the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute, a Fellow of The British Pharmacology Society, Chairman of the BHF Fellowships Committee and Visiting Professor at ChaoYang Hospital in Beijing. 
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