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Focal cancer therapy and detection of early response

 Nanoknife focal treatment for advanced tumours

Imperial College London is pioneering the use of minimally invasive focal therapy for the treatment of advanced cancers unsuitable for conventional ablation techniques.  The Nanoknife applies electricity through needles inserted into the tumour under image guidance (irreversible electroporation). The electric current leads to the formation of nanopores in the cellular membrane leading to tumour destruction.

The Nanoknife is precise in its area of tumour destruction and does not damage nearby important structures making it a promising treatment for tumours close to blood vessels and bile ducts.  The images above demonstrate the effect in a tumour encasing the portal vein.  Initially the tumour is vascular and enhances with contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).  Post-ablation there is a signal void in the area of ablation, with normal flow in the adjacent portal vein.

Contact details for further information

Professor Edward Leen

Tel: 0208 383 4679

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