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coam smallerOur mission is to be an international resource and centre of excellence for research on the epidemiological analysis and modelling of novel infectious disease outbreaks. (more information)

Recent Publications

24 Jul 2014
Imai N, White MT, Ghani AC, Drakely CJ "Transmission and Contro of Plasmodium knowlesi: A Mathematical Modelling Study" PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8(7) e2978 (2014) (pdf)

22 Jul 2014
Blake IM, Martin R, Goel A, Khetsuriani N, Everts J, Wolff C, Wassilak S, Aylward RB, Grassly NC "The role of older children and adults in wild poliovirus transmissions" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 111(29) 10604-10609 (2014) (pdf)

19 Jul 2014
Jones A, KIm S, Jay J, Huh J, Dybul M, Cremin I, Hallett T, Abdullah F, ... Piot P "Transformation of HIV from pandemic to low-endemic levels: a public health approach to combination prevention" The Lancet 384(9939) 272-279 (2014) (pdf)

19 July 2014
Anderson SJ, Cremin I, Hallett TB, Fecht D, Cherutich P, Kimanga D et al "Maximising the effect of combination HIV prevention through prioritisation of the people and places in greatest need: a modelling study" The Lancet 384(9939) 249-256 (2014) (pdf)

10 Jul 2014
John J, Giri S, Karthikeyan AS, Iturriza-Gomara M, Muliyil J, Abrahan A, Grassly NC, Kang G "Effect of a single inactivated poliovirus vaccine dose on intestinal immunity against poliovirus in children previously given oral vaccine: an open-label, randomised controlled trial" Lancet (2014) (pdf)

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